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About Captacular

I am iulieki and Captacular is where I post my TV and Movie Screencaps. I started capping about 4 years ago, and Captacular has been home to those caps for over 2 years.

I like to cap things that cannot already be found online, that usually means things that are not as popular. I also like to cap complete seasons if possible - I hate looking for caps and discovering that there are some episodes, but not the one I want. I also prefer DVDs, which unfortunately means I don't cap anything as they air.

Contact Me

Feel free to request something, though I have a very long To-Cap list and probably won't be very quick. You can reach me by:

1) Leaving a comment at the Livejournal community
2) Emailing admin[@] (remove the [ and ])
3) Leaving a comment in the cbox below

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